monitoring of mobile phone communications of Chancellor Angela Merkel, the chancellor's party said Monday. Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) and the Social Democrats.

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zuela is known for its bustling commerce and has become a strategic place for smugglers, who buy basic food products and gasoline in Venezuela at low government-controlled prices.

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Dispute over Jewish settlements remains as Obama, Netanyahu try to ease tensions Israeli FM slams Quartet's call for settlement freeze Video:Obama optimi.

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institutions in the Asia-Pacific and through the United Nations and other multilateral organizations," the joint statement said. The United States accounts for a mere 2.4 percent.

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eople were injured, but the toll has not been confirmed by authorities. Local TV broadcast footages showing damaged parts of the high- rise building, with broken concrete and scatt.

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r account. The May 3 explosion killed 14 miners and seriously wounded a 14- year-old worker, who lost both arms. It once again raised questions about workplace safety in a region of .

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The Las Vegas based Citizen Outreach organization has started sending out mass e-mails during the weekend, calling supporters to send e-mails or faxes to their local U.S. Congres.

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PSB and she only became affiliated to the PSB in October 2013, after her request to found a new party, to be called Sustainability Network, was denied by the Superior Electoral C.

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fear for more aftershocks have driven the residents of the hardest-hit city to the open ground as the earthquake survivors here waited desperately for promised food. A lot of buil.

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