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nts. It was still unknown whether the gunmen belong to a criminal organization as most of them had escaped. Mexico's northern part has seen a surge in violence in recent months. WA


said, adding that the statewide median price in May was 167, 900 dollars, up 8.3 percent from a year ago. Meanwhile, the time for a home to be sold statewide dropped 7.3 percent, .


to local reports.? Full story French warplanes fly around 400 hours over Libya PARIS, March 21 (Xinhua) -- French warplanes have flown around 400 hours in total in Libyan airspace.


iness. In a 3.73-trillion-dollar budget sent to Congress last week for fiscal year 2012 beginning from Oct. 1, the White House outlined a series of deficit reduction measures. How.


side Israel against the scourge of terrorism." In his talks with Israeli leaders on Tuesday, Biden repeatedly assured his hosts that the Obama administration is committed to Israe.

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edly brandished his weapon, a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun, and fired multiple rounds killing one soldier and wounding 10 others. The soldier who died and at least one of th.

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our employers using temporary foreign workers will also face annual inspections, resulting from tips, employers being deemed high-risk and random audits, according to Employment .

sly, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos called on the ELN to free all hostages as a condition to start peace talks. Founded in 1964, the ELN is the second largest rebel group .

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